In Gloucestershire, among the picturesque Cotswolds hills, lies one of the most beautiful villages in England, Bibury.

The nineteenth-century poet William Morris was captivated by her beauty.



In the past the population of Bibury surpassed 2,000 inhabitants, but today hardly 600 people live there.




However it receives a large number of tourists a year5-no-obstante-recibe-una-gran-cantidad-de-turistas-al-ano13-las-famosas-casas-de-bibury-fueron-construidas-por-tejedores-en-el-siglo-xvii-con-piedra-caliza-en-paredes-y-techos

The famous Bibury’s houses were built by weavers in the 17th century with limestone on walls and ceilings






Today the majority have been converted into guest houses, businesses or restaurants





Yet many locals still use these old residences as their own






Some of them, with lovely gardens open to the public





As well as the River Colne, a tributary of the Thames and its pond full of ducks and swans, not to mention the lush landscape that surrounds it and remains green all year round

.7-el-lugar-ofrece-numerosas-rutas-senderistas8-y-coloristas-rincones-en-los-que-pasearnot to mention the lush surrounding landscape that stays green all year round. … and colorful corners where to walk, …

… rest from the noise …… and enjoy a good book next to the sidewalk’s river9-descansar-del-ruido10-y-disfrutar-de-un-buen-libro-junto-a-la-vereda-del-rio





Bibury owns one of the largest rainbow trout farm in the country12-y-una-sorprendente-iglesia-anexa-a-un-viejo-cementerio






And a surprising church annexed to an old cemetery




Do not forget to visit this beautiful village if you travel to England. You will not regret




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